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Our Home Selling Process

We keep it simple so you can list and sell quickly.

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Create a Breeze Street account in under 60 seconds.

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Choose the package that works best for you and purchase with any major credit card.

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Send us the details about your home so we can put it onto the MLS. Create your Breeze Street listing.

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Sell your home knowing you saved thousands in commissions!

Our Packages

Choose what suits you best.


$199 + HST

MLS / Listing
10 Pictures
Listing on
Listing Length: 6 Months
Open Houses Posted on
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$299 + HST

Includes Silver Package Features +
20 Pictures
Comparative Market Analysis (Recommended)
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Package Add-ons (Optional)

A little extra support when you need it.

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Co-Pilot Negotiation Service

$899 + HST (Not Paid Upfront. Due at closing after property has sold)

Have an experienced, professional Realtor assist you with the paperwork and most importantly help you negotiate the best price for your home.

Why Us?

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Over $82 million in homes listed

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96% Seller Success Rate

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You always get a listing on the MLS /
(no extra charge)

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Cancel anytime. No hidden fees or penalties.

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Our sellers saved over $2.2 million in commissions
* (compared to standard 5%)

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About Us

Just a little bit about us.


Our Birth Year

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Located in the
Greater Toronto Area

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Homes Listed & Sold Ontario-Wide

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Trusted 3rd Party Payment Processor

(So we never have your credit card information)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel anytime you want and there are no fees.
Yes. All of our packages include a MLS/ listing.
After we receive all the information about your property, we submit your listing and it normally will appear on in as little as 24 hours.
We list homes in all areas of Ontario.
Yes, you have access to both direct buyers and to buyers who have agents, giving you maximum exposure.
You do not. You have the flexibility to negotiate both price and commission when dealing with buyer's agents.
It is the first thing we recommend before starting the process of selling your home. Find a lawyer and let them know your intentions. Don't have an lawyer? Use our trusted legal partner and save.
Yes, we do offer samples of the common forms you'll receive when an offer comes in.

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